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Home Improvement Mistakes That Could Cost You a Fortune

Home improvement projects can be a big investment, which is why it can be especially frustrating when those projects go wrong. A home improvement that is poorly thought out or executed could leave you with a problem that is not only ugly to look at, but costs you a fortune in the long run. In […]

Creative Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling an outdated kitchen can either be incredibly exciting or incredibly stressful. There’s no doubt about it, a kitchen remodel is a big project and one that will significantly change the look and feel of your home. Pull it off right, and you could have a kitchen that you love spending hours of your time […]

A New Way to Think About Your Beloved Deck

Homeowners love their decks, but with that love tends to come the unwelcome belief that decks take a lot of time and money to build and maintain. It just seems natural, after all, that you’d put in hours of effort into keeping your deck clean and preventing mold, mildew, and moisture from ruining it. Well, […]

Somerville Aluminum Receives ‘Platinum Plus’ Award from ProVia

Award reflects Somerville Aluminum’s outstanding commitment to selling and installing ProVia doors Somerville Aluminum, Central Jersey’s largest full-service home improvement and remodeling company, is proud to announce its July 12th, 2016 receipt of a ‘Platinum Plus’ Award from leading custom door provider ProVia, a nearly 40-year-old Sugarcreek, OH-based manufacturer of professional-class doors, windows, vinyl siding, […]

How to Protect your Roof from Snow Damage This Winter

New Jersey has been seeing above-average levels of snow in recent years. With even slightly older homes, a bounty of snow in winter can be a strain to the structure. Homeowners hear about roof collapses, and tend to worry about the chances that their home will make it intact through winter. Many structural engineers pointed […]

Maintenance Free Vinyl is the Only Way to Go This Spring

Winter conditions in New Jersey can cause havoc to your house’s outdoor siding. If your current siding is looking worn, the arrival of warm springtime weather might be a signal to replace it. Without a doubt, vinyl siding is your best option. Top Option in the Market Vinyl siding offers the best insulation on the […]

How to Prevent Mold and Mildew from Ruining Your Deck after Winter

When snow melts in the spring, the increased moisture puts your wood deck at risk for mold and mildew growth. Mold being, of course, a catchall term to refer to a myriad of unsightly health hazards, such as algae, rust, fungi, yeast, and bacteria. These growing spores both detract from the overall look of your […]

Somerville Aluminum to Host Somerset Patriots’ 2015 Championship Trophy at Unique Meet-and-Greet Event on February 6th

Community invited to meet Patriots Manager Emeritus Sparky Lyle and view team’s 2015 Atlantic League Championship Trophy at Somerville Aluminum on February 6th (January 19, 2016 – Branchburg, NJ) Somerville Aluminum, central Jersey’s largest full-service home improvement and remodeling company and a longtime marketing partner of the Somerset Patriots, will proudly host a meet-and-greet for […]

Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient

In order to keep a home energy efficient, be sure the materials used to insulate the areas where cold sneaks in and warmth leaks out are the best quality. The roof, doors, and windows, are places that need to be well insulated. If energy bills have been high, consider door and window replacements and possibly […]